Glogster – Interactive Posters

Glogster is a site with a lot of potential for engaging students in the classroom –  providing a different option for both teachers and students to present information in a visual, interactive way.

Mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text to create an interactive poster, then use the embed code to add it to a blog, wiki, website or Facebook page.

Shakespeare_Parodies [640x480]

(Above:  Shakespeare Parodies)

Bookleads_Wiki_Glogster_Page [640x480]

(Above – by Joyce Valenza. See also

Glogster is keen to encourage teachers to use this site with their classes, and will give help and support with creating school accounts and keeping students’ work private. Go to Glogster EDU to set up a class account, and use these tutorials by Traci Blazosky to guide you through the process.  One is a tutorial on setting up a class account, the other is a tutorial for adding Voicethreads, Vokis, Blabberizes, Animotos, and more to enhance your Glogster page.

Brenda Dyck has put together a great list of examples of glogs in education (see below), and she comments:  “Glogster has tried to make this tool as teacher-friendly as possible by making it easy to set up a class account, which provides a private account for each student (and generates passwords and e-mails them to the teacher).”

See also:

Greetings from the World a wiki where students around the world have created Glogs to showcase the countries they live in.