Digital Storytelling


Digital storytelling is not something that I have tried out yet, but I would love to explore it a bit more. This page is part of a wiki,  Grazing for Digital Natives,  and was created by Jennifer Dorman, an educational consultant and trainer. It covers all imaginable aspects of digital storytelling, including links to:

Online resources and research; Primary source resources; Examples of digital stories; Workshop and conference presentations (uploaded using SlideShare); Scaffolding ideas; Storytelling ideas; Software tutorials; Online video editors; Video hosting; Image editors; Image resources; Audio resources; Image / video mashups; Timeline generators; Comic tools; Mapping tools; Citation resources and copyright information.


“We absolutely own our story, and through digital storytelling we generate even greater power, which often leads to personal transformation and by extension, to community change”


Digital Storytelling 2.0: What’s Next?  by David Jakes

“In 2008 and beyond, being a learner means being connected, and that means understanding how to develop connections through online networks.  These connections, and the networks they reside within, form the basis of a personalized learning network that literally can make learning a 24/7 endeavor that involves co-learners and co-teachers from around the globe.  Central to this ability to learn online, to participate online, is the ability to craft messages that have the potential to impact others.  Schools need to prepare students for a lifetime of storytelling through a variety of media, so that students can have a voice, and a voice that is heard.”