Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy, one of the Flickr Tools, is a unique visual search engine which searches images from Flickr, then brings each category up like a series of planets rotating around a sun.

If you click on one of the rotating ‘planets’,  this will add extra terms to your search and reduce the number of photos in your final search.  When you have narrowed your search enough, click on the central ‘sun’ to view all the images in the unique rotating sphere, which you can then spin in different directions.

“Clicking on the central “star” will close in on that star and fill it with exactly 235 picture thumbnails. The star can be rotated with the left mouse button and zoomed with the mouse wheel. A click on a preview image will load that image in front, another click will load information about the picture like the name of the artist, a description and a link to the Flickr page.” (ghacks.net)

Click twice on an image to enlarge it, then either click a thrid time to shrink it back, or follow the link to view more photos in someone’s photostream in Flickr. If you would like to see more images, click on the link at the top of the screen to replace those images with another 235.

Watch a video of how Tag Galaxy works or, for an alternative way to view images easily, check out Cooliris.