Alternatives to PowerPoint

Online Presentations

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If you are looking for something visual, yet easy and inexpensive to spice up your lessons a bit more, check out some of these links put together by Dr Al Mizell with Dr Marsha Burmeister, and presented at NECC in San Antonio:

Windows Movie Maker

Free Downloads:
PC World Download SiteMicrosoft’s site: Windows Movie Maker 2.1c|net
Creativity Fun Pack for Windows Movie Maker
About Windows Movie Maker 6 in the new Windows Vista for 2007
Windows Movie Maker “How To Do It Center
Getting Started with Windows Movie Maker
Step-By-Step Manual (Word Document — save and then open)
WindowsMovieMakers.Net tips, tutorials, forums & more
Atomic Learning free tutorial series
Mighty Coach Movie Maker 2 Tips & Tricks
Wikipedia‘s article about Windows Movie Maker
File Formats supported by Windows Movie Maker in Windows XP
Using Windows Movie Maker to make your “YouTube” Video — a tutorial video (high speed connection required)
In the Classroom:
Movie Making for Kids
Kids with Cameras
Digital Kids Club
Digital Video Tips & Techniques for the Classroom (A.Bell)

Windows Photo Story 3

Free download from Microsoft
Information about Photo Story 3
Putting Photo Story 3 Stories on DVD
Beginner’s Guide to Photo Story 3

3-D Album

Software for sale site with product list
Article & instructions for using this program
3D Picture Pro 3.25 free trial to download
My Pictures 3D Album — FREE download


About this software: Create highly polished home movies with photos
Free trial download of full version for 15 days
About the technology – Wikipedia entry

Visual Communicator

Visual Communicator by Serious Magic (An Adobe Company)
Trial version download
Article about using Visual Communicator
Tutorials on all aspects of using this product
Great tutorial developed by University of Central Florida (PDF)

Other Resources

Free Audio Clips from
Find Sounds: Search the Web for sounds

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Mashable have also put together a list of 13 alternatives to PPT, including Zoho Show 2.0,…

Zoho Show 2.0

and of course there is Prezi

Prezi Logo

Dewey Decimal System

  • If you are not already using OCLC’s Dewey Decimal screensaver on your Inquiry terminals at school, then this is a good one to download from the site below.  It consists of pacman-like ‘creatures’ which bounce around the screen demolishing each Dewey Decimal background as it appears, and is very appealing to   kids.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • If you’re looking for sites to teach the Dewey system, try these ones:  ‘KidsClick!’ – a site arranged by DDS by librarians for kids.  ‘Can you do the Dewey?’  (Level 2 is a bit hard for primary students)  ‘Let’s do Dewey’ (there is an exercise about half way down the page) ‘Dewey Decimal System at (a number of links for students and teachers including a game, webquest, and clipart)