Better PowerPoint Presentations

We all use PowerPoint for our lessons and we teach students how to use it, but do we bore them to death with too much text and poor presentation techniques?   Joyce Valenza, in her blog Neverending Search, tells how she and her school’s Technology coach worked with teachers and students, trying to break 10 years of bad PowerPoint habits. What they discovered was:

  • On the whole, the students who listened to us did better presentations. Their slides looked way better.  They looked modern–without the 90s digital accent. (With the exception of one dedicated WordArt fan.)
  • Without their bullets, students were forced into storytelling.  They connected with their audience.
  • Those students who chose to ignore our advise and continued to use bullets, kept turning to look at their slides.  When the audience saw a slide appear with five or six bullets, you could almost see them sigh. The presenter also appeared tired when faced with the prospect of covering all those bullets.  You could also hear quiet snickers when a student chose to use clipart.

The following slide shows have some very good information about using PowerPoint more effectively to get your message accross.

Talk Like a Pirate Day – a good example of use of minimal text and large images.