Flaming Text

If you’re looking for some fast and easy alternative headings to Word Art, try using the Flaming Text website – http://www.flamingtext.com/. Once you have created the logos, R click to save them, then upload them to any program or application – eg PowerPoint, Moodle, Word or any web page.

                                                               Book Week Colour

                                                            Book Week Frosty

                                                              Book WSeek Blended

        Book Week Cool Metal

The site is very similar to the Cool Text site – http://cooltext.com/, but seems to offer a few more options with the types of fonts that can be selected.   You can create a variety of buttons, arrows and banners for your pages, as well as a very limited number of animations:

                                                                    Blue Divider 

                                                                    Stone Wall Banner

                                                                                 Helicopter Animation