Flaming Text

If you’re looking for some fast and easy alternative headings to Word Art, try using the Flaming Text website – http://www.flamingtext.com/. Once you have created the logos, R click to save them, then upload them to any program or application – eg PowerPoint, Moodle, Word or any web page.

                                                               Book Week Colour

                                                            Book Week Frosty

                                                              Book WSeek Blended

        Book Week Cool Metal

The site is very similar to the Cool Text site – http://cooltext.com/, but seems to offer a few more options with the types of fonts that can be selected.   You can create a variety of buttons, arrows and banners for your pages, as well as a very limited number of animations:

                                                                    Blue Divider 

                                                                    Stone Wall Banner

                                                                                 Helicopter Animation

Free Banner Maker

If you’re looking to create different titles and banners, you’ll have heaps of fun with this easy-to-use site where you or your students can make horizontal or vertical banners or buttons for your web pages, PowerPoint presentations, digital scrapbooks etc.


There is an impressive number of different fonts to choose from, and you can use single or double colours as backgrounds or even upload an image for your background (this doesn’t work well for a wide banner however).