Top 10 Alternative Search Engines of 2008

According to Charles Knight, editor of AltSearchEngines, in the following list are the best 10 search engines available on the web today.

He says “In terms of user experience, the gap between the major search engines and their alternatives continues to widen — a lot. Google has been compared to a luxury liner that turns around very, very slowly, whereas the startups [alternatives] are speedboats that can turn (or innovate) on a dime. I guarantee that if you try any of these top 10 alternative search engines of 2008, you won’t come away saying, “Hey, that was just like Google.”

Cha Cha  –  call 1-800-2ChaCha from your mobile phone and the answer will be sent to you as a text message

Cooliris  –  a moving picture wall of images and video clips

Faroo  –   this search engine “relies on the P2P (peer-to-peer) network, which connects members with each other through their PCs. The result is an organic-looking web that can grow as the Internet grows, but without the need for massive servers”

KallOut  – select any text on any web page, drag your mouse over it and KallOut will search on it

Kosmix  –  “For every search query, you essentially get an on-the-fly multimedia encyclopedia laid out on one page”

Mednar  – a health and medical search engine

Quintura  – gives you results in a word cloud rather than a list

Seeqpod  –  a music search engine

SurfCanyon  –  “Surf Canyon actually watches what you do — and don’t do — and what you click on, and it instantly pulls search results from deeper pages (say, page 8) and brings them forward if it determines that they can save you time — a lot of time.”  –  “an alternative search galaxy” for photo searching

Cooliris (PicLens)

Cooliris is a plugin that you can download to view images as a fantastic moving 3D  ‘picture wall’, rather than viewing them one page at a time as you would with Google Images, or Flickr. Once you have seen and used it, you will never want to search for images or videos in any other way!

” Cooliris, formerly known as PicLens, is a web browser plugin that provides interactive full-screen slideshows of online images. The plugin is available for Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. At present, the software is compatible with Google Images, Yahoo Images, Images, deviantART, Flickr, Facebook, Live Image Search, Photobucket, SmugMug, Fotki, YouTube (for videos), and any web site that implements mediaRSS <link> tags in their HTML pages. The software places a small icon in the corner of an image thumbnail when the mouse moves over it, which launches into a full-screen photo viewer when clicked, but without giving an option to save any of the pictures shown.” (Wikipedia)

View a movie of the picture wall here: