Millenials – The Next Normal

Why do current teenagers and school leavers think the way they do?  What is their view of the world? What factors shape the way they see the future for themselves? What are the main things they would like to change about the world? How do they see themselves? What makes them happy?

Kirsty Bloore, Research Director at Viacom International Media Networks: Australia & NZ, presented the findings of The Next Normal, at the University of Sydney’s Career Advisers and Teachers’ Conference in March 2013. This was a global survey of ‘millennials’ (those born between 1982 and 2004), including factors affecting this generation and how millennials see the world and relationships.

Millennials are different to other generations, in that they are the first generation to have never know life without  technology and being socially connected online. This research shows that the defining characteristic of millennials is that they are happy – happiness outweighs stress, and being successful makes them happy. Being part of a loving family is also important and happiness includes spending time with their families.

They have a love-hate relationship with Facebook – they recognise they are addicted to it but can’t live without it. It is important to them to be heard – they like to have a voice on the internet.

National pride is growing, and while they think maintaining local traditions is important, they also think it’s important to be open to people from other countries. tolerant, accepting and embracing the world.  87% consider themselves to be tolerant. They are curious about the world, enjoy sharing and connecting, and the ability to change. A defining characteristic is that they are more WE than ME.