A Positive Professional Presence

Recently I was asked to speak at the Creating Future Libraries Conference in Brisbane about how we, as teacher librarians, can create a positive professional presence within our schools. We are currently standing on the brink of a fantastic opportunity to make ourselves indispensible within our schools. With hundreds of new libraries and thousands of student laptops being rolled out to schools and the new National Curriculum about to be implemented, this is the perfect opportunity for us to embrace technology, develop a Professional Learning Network, upskill and become leaders in e-learning.

While our first imperative will always be to know the curriculum and work with teachers across all year levels and subject disciplines, within the context of the teaching and learning framework of each of our schools, my advice is:

  1. Keep up
  2. Become visible
  3. Reinvent yourself
  4. Look for solutions rather than problems
  5. Get rid of ‘sacred cows’
  6. Know your users
  7. Find a niche
  8. Make a difference

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