Marketing your PD Library

Our library has quite a large Professional Development / Teacher Reference section which has been bult up over many years by the school administration. Unfortunately, not many people use it, so we decided a marketing campaign was needed!


Steps decided on for our marketing strategy:

  • make new directional signage to make sections easier for teachers to find
  • create a display of PD/TR books
  • email a list to teachers of recent new titles – including images of the cover and some brief information about each book
  • offer a chance to win 2 free movie tickets to teachers who borrowed before the end of term
  • advertise at staff morning teas
  • daily email reminders during the last week of term

We decided on the theme “Treasure in the PD Library” and included a tresure chest in the display, along with a stand-up, cardboard cut-out of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. At staff morning tea we put advertising on the walls up the steps, placed Captain Jack at the door, then stood in the doorway handing out gold chocolate coins, as well as advertising for the PD library and the chance to win the movie tickets.  We also advertised that teachers could include reading professional or curriculum material as part of the hours for their ccmpulsory PD hours (required for registration by the Qld College of Teachers).

While our advertisng campaign did not result in huge numbers of teachers descending on the PD library (maybe they had enough discount movie tickets already, or maybe they were overwhelmed at the time with marking and reports), we did get quite a few teachers borrowing. Overall, it certainly made for a memorable experience and was lots of fun!

BGS Terms 2 2010 PD Lib DisplayBGS Terms 2 2010 PD Lib Movie Tickets

Librarians do GaGa

You’ve probably seen it already, but the perfect thing to make you smile is this amazing YouTube clip of students and staff from the University of Washington’s Information School doing their version of Lady GaGa.

‘Librarians do GaGa’ was an entry at the iSight Film Festival. The video was produced by Sarah Wachter, a student in the iSchool’s Masterin Library and Information Science program and the dancers were students and faculty members from the University of Washington’s Information School.


What a great marketing technique! Through one clever movie, they’ve managed to sky-rocket the profile of libraries and librarians, and thanks to Twitter and blogging, it’s now around the world!!



StoryTubes is a Public Library/ Schools Partnership Program which has been running for the past 3 years in the United States and Canada, and it’s aim is to excite children of all ages about books and reading by engaging them with technology.  To participate, students have to video themselves promoting a book in less than 2 minutes, upload it to either YouTube or TeacherTube, and then enter it into the StoryTubes competition.

According to the 2008 Kids and Family ReportReading in the 21st Century: Turning the Page with Technology, kids who extend their reading experience via the Internet are more likely to value and enjoy reading. Project initiators, Denise Raleigh, Betsy O’Connell and Faith Brautigam, say the project “is about marrying enthusiasm for reading with the exploration of new technologies….  StoryTubes allows kids to be both creators and interactive users of technology, and provides impassioned peer book recommendations that have no geographical boundaries.” (YSL Online Reading Conference)

“Both StoryPalooza in 2007 and the StoryTubes 2008 Contest were dependent on schools and public libraries working cooperatively.  Schools often secured parental permission, worked with students to develop their online booktalks, and provided technical expertise to tape and upload the entries.  Public library partners structured the contests, provided the staff time to review entries and manage the event, and secured prizes.”  (

Click here to watch a video explaining what StoryTubes is about, or click here to read about it.

My favourite entry from the 2009 winners is this enthusiastic Year 1 student promoting the book New York New York The Big Apple from A to Z by: Laura Krauss Melmed:

This video can be found at


Smilebox is basically a free scrapbooking website where you can upload up to 30 photos at a time and create an enormous array of different slideshows. You can also create scrapbooks, greeting cards, photo albums and collages.  You can make as many slideshows as you’d like and then embed the widget – which opens up into a full-size slideshow – into your Facebook page, webpage or blog. In addition to images, you can also add video, words and music.

This is the best background for a slideshow related to books and reading, but there are plenty of others to chosse from.  See also the slideshow I created for our Middle School Book Week.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Justin D'Ath Extreme Adv
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