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At times you or your teachers might be looking for something extra to engage students or to extend students who finish their work early, or maybe you’re looking for a quick way to promote a new book on your Library webpage.  While comic strip creation is probably more appealing to younger students, some can be quite clever, and this might be just the creative outlet that some older students enjoy.

Read Write Think  have developed a lesson plan for using cartoons to teach onomatopoeia, and they quote B.Norton on their website as saying:

 “Comic books have had a motivating power in literacy development for children, especially young boys, since their introduction in the 1930s. This nontraditional type of literature – often dismissed by educators as superficial and shallow – is highly visual, contains complex literary elements, and lends itself to critical examination of moral, ethical, and social issues.”

Also, Andrew Churches, in his Educational Origami Wiki says:

“I like using comics in education: they appeal to the visual and kinesthetic learner, they are cross curricula, flexible and captivating”.

 Here are some of the comic creation resources Andrew has put together:


 In her blog Adventures in Educational Blogging, Susan Sedro  gives a very good comparison of the advantagess and disadvantagess of 3 different online cartoon creators – MakeBeliefsComix, StripCreator and ToonDoo.

 ToonDoo seems to be the one  best set up for use in the classroom.  It offers a secure site for educators – but it will cost you.  However, they are very flexible with options – the smallest time you can request is access for 1 month with 30 students and this will cost $8, or you can request access for a couple of years for the whole school. Even if you only subscribe for a month, this could be a great way to complement a unit of work you are doing in class.

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