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If you would like a different presentation option to PowerPoint, take a look at an amazing new tool called Prezi. It replaces traditional PowerPoint slides with one single screen; you lay everything out to create your overview and then choose pathway links between different words or objects, as you ‘drill down’ into your subject matter. Place and rotate objects using the ‘zebra wheel’, add text, then create your presentation pathway, zooming in and out to alternately see the big picture, then details within that picture.  Once you’ve created your prezi, you simply move between ideas and concepts by clicking your mouse, just as you would with traditional PowerPoints.

 To get more of an idea of the simplicity of the concept, yet complexity of detail that is possible with Prezi, watch this amazing demonstration of Tips and Tricks.

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” ‘Prezi makes slideshows bearable again by presenting “slides” as simply areas of one giant whiteboard with infinite resolution…. I liked Prezi because it was so different than any other concept. It isn’t a complex mash-up or …concept only tech people can appreciate. It is a better way to give slideshows….. Prezi is clearly more engaging and interesting, for both the creator and the audience.” (Rob Dixon’s comments on his blog)

This is a brilliant example by Anne Robinson of the Dixie Grammar School, showing the use of Prezi for teaching students about research, plagiarism and citing references:


“Prezi have launched a topic on their forum about how to use this presentation tool in education. Follow this link  to join the conversation:  by David Pinto


This YouTube video from Palm Beach Cafe shows how to use Prezi -( from about 4.30 mins till the end)

Other examples – Echo – a presentation using images

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