Tagul Word Clouds

 In September this year, a new word-cloud creator was launched – Tagul – similar to the incredibly popular Wordle (see also How to Use Wordle by digitalmaverick).  It differs from Wordle though in that each word in the cloud spins and turns as you pass your mouse over it, as well as linking to a Google search for that word if you click on it.

It is also possible in Tagul to choose the shape of your word cloud, as this heart-shaped image from the website demonstrates. Other shapes available are: cloud, star, triangle, pentagram, rectangle and circle.

 To begin making word clouds, you need to register, then you can create and save  up to 10 word clouds, as well as creating  embed codes for each which you can use on any website or blog post.Tagul_Heart_Cloud

“Each tag in a  Tagul cloud is linked with a URL and is “clickable”in  that  it  enables visitors to use it for navigation….  Tagul also has some features that Wordle doesn’t, like custom shapes selection and multiple fonts usage in one cloud.”  (Tagul website)

The downside is that you can’t enter your own text – it must come from a website (URL) and therefore it is difficult to determine the size of the words, as this star-shaped Tagul shows. However, once the tags are generated, there is an option to delete any words which you don’t want to appear in the final word cloud.

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