Jing – Instant Screen and Video Captures

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If you’re tired of repeating the same instructions again and again, then maybe a Jing audio screencast or a screen capture with text is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Jing, by TechSmith,  is an extremely easy-to-use free screencasting software which makes capturing screen shots and screen videos very simple.

Jing Home 


Once you have downloaded Jing, a 3-armed ‘sun’ – which you use to activate the program – will appear at the top of your screen. If you”d prefer, you can drag it to the side of your screen, and you can also set it in Preferences so that it doesn’t automatically load when you open your computer.  

Screen captures can be quickly and simply created, then you can add text, arrows and highlighting using a variey of colours and fonts.  Watch a video   to get an idea of the different ways you can use Jing, and read some examples to see how teachers have successfully used Jing in the classroom.

While Jing is free for up to 5 minutes of video capture, if you would like to make higher quality, longer videos you will have to purchase Jing Pro for $14.95/year.


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