Chelmsford Learning Commons

Valerie Diggs, Director of Libraries in Chelmsford and Library Teacher at Chelmsford High School, has created an innovative,  vibrant and stimulating library space,  both physically and online.

Read here how Valerie already had an engaging program operating, then managed to get funding for her library make-over. The slideshow below shows library programs in action, as well as before-and-after photos of the library renovation.

Visit the library website here:    Chelmsford High School Learning Commons Homepage

“What you have here is truly a lighthouse accomplishment for schools in Massachusetts, indeed across the US,” said Ross J. Todd, an associate professor of library and information science at Rutgers, at an opening celebration of the Learning Commons on Friday. “What you’ve done is transformed a school library into a learning commons which traverses both the print and the digital information worlds.”

David Loertscher, a professor at San Jose State University and a champion of redesigning school libraries, flew in to see what the team had created. Although he was impressed by the physical space, he said the most important work was Diggs’s collaboration with teachers to teach students how to analyze the information available to them.
(see The Boston Globe newspaper article)

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