Big Universe – Online Children’s Books

Big Universe  is an amazing site which parents and teachers will love, because you can read whole picture books online – hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from. Teachers or students can read books, create their own books and upload them, as well as creating a virtual bookshelf and finding other friends who like similar stories.

These are a couple of great examples of:  a non-fiction book   Don’t Squash That Bug   and a f iction book  One Potato



You’ll enjoy this site so much you could spend hours here looking at books, however there are limitations. You can read member-created books free, but only preview published books. You can create online bookshelves and interact with other members free, but you can only create one e-book and it will cost a small amoun t to upload it to Big Universe. (Individual and school prices are availble here:

Wes Fryer, author of  Moving at the Speed of Creativity, says on the site, “This is a WONDERFUL site for teachers and students to utilise, not only to read and access mutimedia versions of picture books, but also to PUBLISH original books.  I highly recommend Big Universe and encourage you to give the site a try.”

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