A Week in the Life of a ‘New Media’ Teacher Librarian

Here is a link to an article written by Judy O’Connell, a very active and inspiring role-model who incorporates Web 2.0 and ICTs in her everyday professional life.  Hmm – rather challenging, especially the sentence at the end where she says “Now it’s your turn to be a Web 2.0 Teacher Librarian!!”   (Judy’s blog is called HeyJude.)

A Week in the Life of a New Media Teacher Librarian

One thought on “A Week in the Life of a ‘New Media’ Teacher Librarian

  1. Oh boy! so very busy. Beware of tendonitis!!It’s no fun. I had to change to left handed use of the mouse. My more serious comment is that there is no way that NSW DET TL’s can manage this type of role while supplying RFF. We can try to do some and succeed if we keep our priorities at the forefront. Take care and try not to suffer burn out.It is even less fun.

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