Flip Video Camera

If you haven’t used a Flip video camera before, they are amazingly easy to use and are ideal for use in schools, especially with younger children.  Just point and click, then click again to stop. In good light, the quality of the video is quite good for such a simple camera, and the built-in microphone captures sounds very well.

One of the best features is an inbuilt USB connector which flips out from the side and plugs straight into a USB port on a computer, making downloading extremely simple.

The Muvee software which comes with the camera is also very user-friendly, and seamlessly stitches together whichever video clips are selected, as well as adding background music. Once the movie is created, it is easy to share the link with others.  This camera is so engaging and easy to use that even the most reluctant teachers might be enticed!

Click on the link below to watch a short video made at a  School Library Assn PD session in Townsville, Queensland, to demonstrate how easy and effective the camera is:   townsville-slaq-pd-7-mar

Also, here are a couple of links to sites where you can purchase these cameras:



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