On March 26 Google launched YouTube-EDU, a website which features videos from over 100 different colleges and universities. Unfortunately, at this stage Australian content is distinctly lacking, but this is likely to change very quickly as universities from around the world realise the potential of the site.

According to Andrew LaVallee “YouTube Edu lets viewers sort clips by school or number of views, and the schools offer content ranging from complete courses to campus events to information for prospective students.”   Michael Arrington of TechCrunch says  “The site is aggregating videos from dozens of colleges and universities, ranging from lectures to student films to athletic events. Some of this stuff is solid gold (the Stanford and MIT lectures are really good). Other content, not so interesting.”

Despite its limitations, the site is a good option for students to search when looking for video clips to further their knowledge and enhance their presentations. The clip below is from UCTV, the television channel of the University of California.

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