Dewey Decimal System

  • If you are not already using OCLC’s Dewey Decimal screensaver on your Inquiry terminals at school, then this is a good one to download from the site below.  It consists of pacman-like ‘creatures’ which bounce around the screen demolishing each Dewey Decimal background as it appears, and is very appealing to   kids.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • If you’re looking for sites to teach the Dewey system, try these ones:  ‘KidsClick!’ – a site arranged by DDS by librarians for kids.  ‘Can you do the Dewey?’  (Level 2 is a bit hard for primary students)  ‘Let’s do Dewey’ (there is an exercise about half way down the page) ‘Dewey Decimal System at (a number of links for students and teachers including a game, webquest, and clipart)

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