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If you would prefer not to have your photo on blogs, wikis, nings, IM or other sites that you have joined, you might prefer to use an avatar instead.  Here’s an example of a wiki where the TLs have used avatars of themselves, rather than photos:

At Yahoo Avatars you can have lots of fun creating an avatar, and you can regularly change it to suit your mood or image. Download to your mobile phone when you have finished or save and use it wherever a photo is indicated.

This is also a good security/privacy option to use when the policy of your school is not to publish student images or photos. You can still allow your students to participate and use sites such as VoiceThread – they just upload their avatar instead of a photo of themselves. (Check it out first though for suitability)

You can download your avatars or send a postcard from the Home page. If you download this way you will get the Yahoo symbol on the top right of the image and the Yahoo address underneath. To save without these, I print the screen once I have saved my avatar on the website, and paste the image into a Word document. Crop to select just the image then go to Paintshop Pro (or a similar program) > Edit > Paste as a new image. Then you can save it to your computer as a jpeg, and upload to wherever you want to use it.

Yahoo avatar postcard

Yahoo avatar postcard

What’s Available at Yahoo Avatars?


This is where you can choose your skin colour, face and eyes, and hairstyle. Pick your eye and hair colours by clicking on the coloured squares to the right of each image.


You can try on full outfits or different tops and bottoms. Mix and match to get a look you love.


Try out accessories like sunglasses. Get sports and hobbies gear such as backpacks, bikes, and snowboards. Adopt a cute pet. Or try on different hats.


Whether you like the snow, the beach, or a wild nightclub, you’ll find the right background here.


Get new gear from Yahoo! and our partners. These items may only be available for a limited time.

My Favourites

Save your full avatars or individual items so you can easily find them later

(Information from the website)

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