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 Voice Thread is a neat way to combine photos, videos and podcasts, but it also allows other people to view the voice thread and add their comments as well. You can also ‘doodle’ on the image as you add comments – e.g. you can add arrows, circle objects or underline words.

Voice Thread allows you to create 3 free threads, or you can register as a K-12 educator to qualify for special rates for schools. Making unlimited Voice Threads yourself as a teacher costs a one-off payment of $10, but if you would like your whole class to be able to create Voice Treads, this costs $10/month or $60/year.

To see how other teachers are using VoiceThread, take a look at this VoiceThread wiki put together by Collette Casinelli, and join the VoiceThread Ning started by Mark Carls. I especially love this book promotion VoiceThread where a number of the teachers at Valley Catholic school in the US are talking about their favourite books.

To create your account, go to http://voicethread.com/ and register, then click on the Create tab to upload photos or video.  You can then add comments by phone, by web-cam, by microphone, or by typing a comment. Once you have ceated your thread, you can easily post it to one of the websites below; you can add friends, then invite them via email to view the thread; or you can embed the code into a blog, wiki or website. 

The real benefit of Voice Thread lies in the fact that it is so collaborative. Once you have created your thread, you can share it with students on the other side of the world, and they can add comments to it as well.  Have a look at one of the voice threads that our students created for Book Week this year. (This is the email message that is sent out when you invite people to view your thread):

Winning the World Cup – Georgia and Zoe




Click the image or the link above to view and participate in the VoiceThread. Making comments is really simple and you can delete and re-record as many times as you like.

A VoiceThread is an online media album that allows a group of people to make comments on images, videos, and documents, really simply. You can participate 5 different ways – using your voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video (with a webcam). It’s easy to control who can access and comment on a VoiceThread, which makes it a secure place to talk about almost anything: business and academic presentations, travelogues, family history, art critiques, language study, tutorials, book clubs and digital storytelling. A VoiceThread allows an entire group conversation to be collected from anywhere in the world and then shared in one simple place.

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